Morto a 91 anni Gorbaciov, ultimo leader dell’Urss

GINEVRA: 20/MO ANNIVERSARIO DEL SUMMIT REAGAN -GORBACIOV – (FILES) Ronald Reagan, President of the United states of Amerca, meets with Michail Gorbatchow, president of the Soviet Union, in Geneva, during a two-day summit between the superpowers in Geneva on 21 November 1985. – The United Nations Office in Geneva hosts a meeting between Mikhail Gorbachev, the 1990 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, and representatives of the Permanent Missions to the United Nations and the international organizations in Geneva. The occasion of the meeting is the 20th anniversary of the 1985 Geneva Summit which triggered the end of the Cold War era, in Switzerland, Monday, May 30, 2005. ANSA/STR DATABASE, BW ONLY /KLD